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SORA Shipping and Logistics Pvt Ltd is a reputed and leading freight forwarding company in India, recognized as a registered Multinational Transport Operator, an approved AEO, IATA accredited, and ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Our company prides itself on bringing innovation to the logistics industry through cost-effective, technology-driven solutions. With a robust agency network worldwide, SORA offers comprehensive door-to-door services, operating from its corporate office in Mumbai and branch offices in Bangalore, Delhi NCR, and joint venture offices throughout India. We specialize in providing integrated end-to-end logistics solutions in the areas of freight and contract logistics to customers globally.

SORA is renowned for delivering personalized services and prioritizing client satisfaction as our Unique Selling Proposition (USP). We excel in managing logistics, clearance, freight forwarding, transportation, and warehousing with a focus on meeting our clients' unique demands. Our comprehensive transportation services cover shipping by sea, air, road, and rail, all tailored to our clients' specific needs with guaranteed safe and prompt delivery to their chosen destinations.

Backed by experienced professionals and strong investors, SORA has quickly cultivated robust global agency partnerships and offers competitive rates through our extensive network of agents and partners. Our company culture places a high value on transparency and trust among all departments, ensuring cost-effective, punctual, and efficient services.

SORA, despite being less than six years old, has forged strong agency tie-ups with top-notch freight forwarding companies globally. By leveraging their extensive network of agents and partners, SORA is able to offer the best services at extremely competitive rates while exclusively using all (A) class carriers.

Moreover, SORA has cultivated a work culture centered on trust between its employees and management, fostering transparency across all departments. As a result, they are committed to delivering cost-effective, timely, and efficient services.

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